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Chartered Clinical Psychologist, CPsychol, DClinPsy

Professional Experience

I have over 12 years of professional experience across a variety of mental health & psychological services,

including at renowned hospitals and institutions in culturally diverse locations.

  • St George's Hospital (London) - Paediatric Psychology Service

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital (London) - Paediatric Psychology Service

  • Spinning World (Liverpool) - Specialist service working with trauma and recovery for children & adults, including refugees & asylum seekers

  • Alder Hey Children's Hospital (Liverpool) - Paediatric Psychology Service

  • Adult Community Mental Health Team (Liverpool)

  • Adult Learning Disability Team (Liverpool)

  • Older People's Mental Health Team (The Wirral) 

  • Croydon Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS; London)

  • The Royal Free Hospital (London) - Intensive Eating Disorder Service for children and young people

  • Birmingham Children's Hospital - Paediatric Psychology Service / Home Treatment Team for children and young people

  • The University of Liverpool - Honorary Lecturer, Doctorate of Clinical Psychology

  • University College London - Honorary Lecturer / Associate Clinical Tutor, Doctorate of Clinical Psychology

About Me

I have always been a curious person and I can recall regularly 'thinking about thinking' .

From a young age, I would trace my thoughts, and try to understand why I always ended up thinking about the most random things! 

As a teenager, I was particularly intrigued by 'The Matrix', a film which expanded my perspective to consider how powerful one's thoughts can be. This started my journey to develop my knowledge for the cognitive abilities and mechanisms humans rely on, our variety of emotional states and an understanding for why people may behave in a particular way.

My empathic nature and sensitivity to human suffering motivated me towards a career in the caring profession. As I navigated the twists and turns of life, I became encouraged me to pursue training in Clinical Psychology.

As a registered and Chartered Clinical Psychologist, I am committed to supporting individuals to be as comfortable and content with their circumstances as possible. I utilise a number of theoretical frameworks and psychological approaches to help fulfil any therapy goals when accessing mental health support. Sessions themselves can take a variety of forms but may include supporting people to share and understand their challenging life experiences, helping people to develop their abilities to cope with the ever-changing demands of the world, or simply bearing witness to their life stories and allowing someone to feel heard and understood.

Clinical psychologist Dr Jan-Sher Bhatti therapy south asian muslim islam
Dr Jan-Sher Bhatti

I have over 10 years of therapeutic experience in supporting people across the age range; including challenges which can occur in babies and childhood, all the way through to older adult life. My roles across a variety of mental health services in the NHS, including my current position at Great Ormond Street Hospital, has allowed me to develop a plethora of skills that are essential to assist others with overcoming a variety of psychological and emotional challenges. This includes support with general mental health difficulties, such as managing anxiety and low mood, as well as more specific issues relating to trauma, eating difficulties, phobias or behavioural challenges in children and young people.

As a South Asian therapist, my cultural heritage supports my appreciation for the challenges that people from ethnic minorities can experience. I am motivated to support clients by exploring all aspects of their character and values, including their cultural perspective and spiritual or philosophical outlook. Where possible, I try to accommodate such characteristics to psychological approaches and strategies to enhance the effectiveness and application of therapy.

I pride myself on maintaining a non-judgemental and compassionate approach whilst adopting a collaborative therapeutic approach. I am mindful of supporting clients in an achievable and realistic way that helps them live their life in a fulfilling and comfortable way.

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