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Who We Work With

Our knowledge and experience allows us to empathise and communicate with people from diverse populations and cultures.

We have expertise in supporting people of all ages, including children and young people at various developmental stages using creative and playful approaches.

Person centred care is fundamental to our approach and we make every effort to ensure all aspects of a person are explored.

We understand the significance of spiritual beliefs, cultural values, socioeconomic experiences and sexual orientation; with your personal characteristics incorporated in therapy.



Our therapists adapt their use of language and vocabulary depending on each client, taking into consideration the person's age and any intellectual or learning difficulties.  

Where necessary, we can provide therapy with non-English speaking clients through our effective use of interpreters. We appreciate that speaking via an interpreter adds a layer of complexity to therapy

and we will support you with navigating sessions to ensure they are as

comfortable, effective and helpful as possible.

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